Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Count Down 25 and 24 Days Until Christmas

I am so sorry I am a bit behind on starting this series.Every year Christmas seems to creep up on me faster and faster with the sales and deals coming way too soon!

Day 25: Making a List and Checking it Twice

1. Make a list with everyone you plan to shop for this year.Then add 5 surprise gifts.You know the ones the people who pop up with a gift unexpectedly.

2. Make a budget by family , person , party , ect and stick to it!

3. Who can you make a gift for this year? Is it cheaper than buying a gift on sale?

4.Buy your wrapping supplies unless you scored them last year at clearance! Don't forget the tape! Scissors for when your's are missing! And Extra paper!

Now to shop.Hopefully you caught some great deals Black Friday and Cyber Monday.If not no worries follow me as I post some amazing deals for under $20! Keep watching!

Day 24: Deck the Halls

Do you enjoy or dread the decorating? I dread it! The finding , climbing , and knowing at some point it all must come down!

1. Gather everything and hopefully you packed it with labels!. If not no need to worry we will do that this year!

2. Gather some friends and family , some Christmas music , and some snacks! Don't forget the egg nog. This year we are drinking Silk Nog to save the calories.It is so good! I am not missing my traditional egg nog at all.

3. Start with the tree.It is usually a chore.I fluff the branches and do the lights.Finally fluffing again before decorating it. One tip if you hate to un-decorate use candy canes as ornaments and let guest or the kids eat one or two a day until Christmas.They will un-decorate it for you!

4. If you're doing outdoors do it now while you have extra hands around! Be safe never use a ladder alone!!

5. Now the fun part to leisurely decorate the rest of your home.If your tired wait since this is an easy process that you can do room by room slowly as you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

You did it! If you are like me you are happy it's DONE!

PHOTO DISCLAIMER- Photo courtesy of PicJumbo original work of Viktor Hanacek! Special Thanks to them!

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