Thursday, February 23, 2017

Reading Kingdom Review

*Free copy was given for review.

We have used many reading programs over the course of the last two decades. Reading Kingdom  is one of the best we have tried.It is child led so minimal guidance needed from mom or dad.This is really great for parents that are unsure how to teach their child to read.

The lessons are short and keep the child's attention.The games are fun and colorful.It not only teaches beginning reading,but continues through 3rd grade.


Child Lead with Minimal Parent Involvement

Easy to Use


Short Lessons

No Grade Levels (great for special needs children or children that need extra help)

Free 30-Day Trial to Try Before You Buy

Teaches Keyboard Skills

Teaches Spelling


You must have an internet connection.

It is a bit pricey at $199 a year.

Overall, we really like the program.I would recommend it to other homeschool families or as a Summer supplement.We received our copy free for review.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Little Cosmetics Play Makeup Sets

What little girl doesn't love to play dress up.My granddaughters love to fix Mimi's hair and do her make-up.She use to pull out the older makeup , but now they can have all the fun without the mess. Thanks to Little Cosmetics Fake Makeup They are fake so not the vaseline style makeup for kids these sets are totally pretend , but looks 100% like mom/grandma's!

This kit is so life-like that they love it.The brushes are soft and the makeup pallets have a slight texture or silky feel.The best part? They all fit in a cute little makeup bag so it fits in a small space.As a grandparent, having toys without your home looking like a toy store or taking hours to clean / dust is always a plus!

Great for an aunt's home too.Or for in the car!Have you ever been broke down with kids and waiting for someone to come save you?Then you know the importance of a small survival kit of snacks, water, and TOYS to save your sanity.Tou can find them here:
Gift Sets

Glitter Pods

Eye Shadow

Compacts and Contour Sets

A Little Bit of Everything

This is the perfect stocking stuffer / party favor so stock up.Remember they need one at Papa and Mimi's , one in the car, and one to take home! You will thank me later.

I received a sample to try and share with you.I do not make any money if you buy this toy.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Peter Pan Children's Hot Water Bottles with Plushie

When you are making your baby registry I bet you never thought to add a hot water bottle.Did you?There are so many reasons why you should.#1 These Peter Pan hot water bottles with plushie covers are just too adorable! You can pick a kitty or a puppy.I suggest both.The kitty is large and perfect to warm a bed.The puppy have arms and legs to cuddle when you don't feel well.

Uses for a child's hot water bottle:

  • To warm a crib or bed so they don't go down to sleep on cold sheets.(Always remove it before you place a small child in the crib/bed.)
  • Use to place on an ear when they have an earache.Or face for teething.
  • Use to soothe a yucky tummy.
  • Ice can be placed in it for when you have any kind of swelling.Or when it's super hot out.
  • Moms, you can use for cramps or headaches.
  • Moms, you can use it on an achy nursing breast.Warm to help with pumping or cold to soothe.
  • Add ice to fix boo boos like bruises and bumps.
  • Warmth for outdoor events like football or cookouts.
  • General comfort when you don't feel your best.
These are super adorable and they let the heat warm without being too hot.Just follow the manufacturer instructions for use.

*I received this set free to review and share with my readers.I do not make any money if you buy one.* 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Meet Bino

Have you meet Bino? Bino is an elephant that starts Kindergarten.

Bino makes a lot of friends  but, has a best friend named Buddy.Buddy is a bear and he doesn't have a lot of friends.He does have a few really good best friends.Find out more Here:

You can buy your very own Bino here:

This plush is ultra soft and a great reminder for kids to be themselves.

A great way to teach kids about friendship and being happy with a few true friends.

I received Bino free to share with you. I do not make any money if you buy him or Buddy.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cooking with EurKitchen Professional Grade Culinary Torches

Have you ever wanted to torch food?
No? You will after you read this post.I have been torching food this week.

Creme Brulee?
No, I have been making some fun foods like:
Roasted Peppers
Roasted Potato Skins
Baked Alaska
Toasted Marshmallows
Smores Cupcakes
Bananas Foster
Honey Glazed Ham

All of these can be made with your kitchen torch. All you need is a torch and butane.This is an easy kitchen tool that will impress your friends.And it is a ton of fun.You will be looking for food to torch.

Tonight my 11 year old son made Baked Alaska with help and supervision. I will be adding the recipe to so be sure to hop over there and subscribe so you don't miss it.
Until then here is a yummy banana recipe.


  • 1 large Banana
  • 1/8 cup Brown Sugar 
  • 1/2 cup ice cream (or nice cream)


  • A pan
  • A EurKitchen Professional Grade Culinary Torch


  • Slice the banana.
  • Sprinkle the banana slices liberally with brown sugar (or white sugar if that is all you have on hand).
  • Light torch and put flame to the sugar coated banana slices.
  • Once brown turn off the torch.
  • Let cool while you scoop your ice cream.
  • Top ice cream with banana slices and enjoy!


Do Not Use a Plate...Please use a pan! 

I received my # torch free to share with my readers.I do not make any money if you buy one.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ice Wabanga Ice Pop Molds

I have been playing with this ice pop maker by IceWabanga. They are so easy to use and they click in place to make sure they stay standing.This set comes with two silicone tube ice pop makers to double the fun.

The ice pops freeze pretty quickly. I can make plain juice ones in just a few hours. The cream and berry ones take a little longer.

If you need some inspiration check out these yummy recipes:
popsicles and icecream roundup

I received this set free to share with my readers.I do not get paid anything if you buy this product.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mattress Warranties

Did you know mattress warranties are void if they are DIRTY? This is insane to me since so many accidents can happen.

- spill a drink
- bedwetting
- sweating at night
- menstruation
- dust and dirt from LIVING in your home
- etc

Why is the fact it is dirty an issue with shoddy workmanship or a defect? It is to the warranty company.The best defense is an offense.

Buy covers for your mattresses like this cover from Mellanni.
This cover is soft and not plasticy and crinkly so it won't make you sweat or keep you up at night.It fits deep pocket matresses and stays put.

Keep your boxspring in the plastic or cover it too! Keep your matresses clean so your warranty stays intact.

A mattress cover protects from dust mites and other issues too.

I received this item free to share with you.I do not make any money if you buy this mattress cover.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Handy Mat, Is it Handy?

I was asked to check out the Handy Mat a very cool picnic mat.This is a thick mat that made to hold cold items or to serve as a clean eating area.

They are plastic board and fold up for easy storage.They arrive in a large Ziplock bag that I am using as storage for ours.

They resist stains from mustard , ketchup , and other staining foods.They wipe off easily with a damp cloth and I had no staining or discoloration on ours.We used these at a recent BBQ and it was easy to transport and use. I would suggest these for any BBQ.They worked great as a "station" for condiments and paperware for us.It helped everyone return the items to the right area!

I received mine free to share with you , but I do not make any money if you buy this item.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient Times Series

This is an educational book series by Carole P Roman .You can see more about her by clicking her name.She has written many "If you were me and lived" books.Some of the series include:
The If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient Times Series

The If You Were Me and Live in Country Series

The Captain No Beard Series

The series I am going to talk more about today is the If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient Times Series.This series includes:

If You Were Me and Lived in....Ancient Greece

If You Were Me and Lived in... Renaissance Italy

If You Were Me and Lived in... Elizabethan England

If You Were Me and Lived in... Colonial America

If You Were Me and Lived in... The American West

and coming soon Ancient Roman and Brazil.

We read the Colonial America and Ancient Greece books.Both were a hit and full of fun information.It shows a historical and cultural look at what the world was like in each time period.They are excellent for bedtime reading or book reports.I found them best as read aloud books so we could discuss them.

You can buy If You Were Me in Colonial America here:

I received these books free to share with my reads and I do not make any money if you buy them.

Monday, July 4, 2016

O-Sip The Best Sippy Around

As a parent of teens and adults, my days of a cabinet full of sippy cups are over.We haven't had them in the cabinet in 8 or 9 years.Crazy since it seems like it was just yesterday we had them coming out of our ears.

This leads to a new problem.We now have grandchildren and while I am happy to have a few cups on hand I really do not remember where they are or remember to grab them when we run out someplace.This is why I was super excited totry the O-Sip Silicone lids! These are awesome.Seriously , I wish I had them years ago.They fit most cups.Who am I kidding they fit any cup that you would hand a toddler.They do not fit a Big Gulp. I know I know who would give one to a toddler.No one , but my oldest grandchild is 8 so old enough for a super size slush.It says it fits a cup  2.5-3.75 inches , but I stretched it to fit a bit bigger cup.

They stretch and stay put.I literally tossed it around to see.My grandson put it through some pretty crazy testing too.I keep one in a ziplock in the car now at all times and sometimes 2 or three.They are great when you go out to eat or for extra protection in the car.The flow is not intended for a baby since it is rather fast. My grandson is 4 and has choked slightly when drinking too fast from them. They are silicone so check often for cracks or tears since those can present a choking issue.

The kids love them and the price is great at around $15 for three lids.

Red, Blue , and Green Set.
Buy Them Here on Amazon.

I received these free to share with my readers.I do not make any money if you buy them.