Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mattress Warranties

Did you know mattress warranties are void if they are DIRTY? This is insane to me since so many accidents can happen.

- spill a drink
- bedwetting
- sweating at night
- menstruation
- dust and dirt from LIVING in your home
- etc

Why is the fact it is dirty an issue with shoddy workmanship or a defect? It is to the warranty company.The best defense is an offense.

Buy covers for your mattresses like this cover from Mellanni.
This cover is soft and not plasticy and crinkly so it won't make you sweat or keep you up at night.It fits deep pocket matresses and stays put.

Keep your boxspring in the plastic or cover it too! Keep your matresses clean so your warranty stays intact.

A mattress cover protects from dust mites and other issues too.

I received this item free to share with you.I do not make any money if you buy this mattress cover.

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