Friday, January 1, 2016

Clutter: My New Year Declutter part 1

It seems we all have the same old New Years Resolutions year after year. Is yours to organize or declutter?To maybe simplify life and start anew?

The Supplies:

Markers and Bingo Dabbers from the Dollar Tree or Junk Draw

Trash Bags-These are for 100% trash!You wouldn't give to the homeless!

5 Large Boxes

Cleaning caddy with supplies: window cleaner , clorox wipes , ect

Ziplock bags

Rubber Bands

Okay you have all your supplies and now your wondering what in the heck you need all this extra JUNK for anyway!

The Steps:

Label each box: Store , Trash , Donate , Keep , and NO IDEA what to do with this junk!

We are going to do the one touch 30 second rule.Ask yourself quickly do you LOVE it ?Does it have sentimental value? Do you use it every week? Then toss it in a box! If you are unsure it goes in the NO IDEA box.We will revisit this box/boxes later.

We are going to do one SMALL area at a time.Bit sizes that won't overwhelm us or make a huge mess in the house.One drawer , one section in the cabinets , 10 hangers from the closet.

Oh my, My box is FULL! Now what do I do.Easy. If it is a trash box trash it NOW and do not go back through it! If it is donate box tape it up and no more peaking! If it is to store then write a list of what is in the box , tape it up , and store it asap.You will leave the put away items until you finish the whole room!This is important as we will Do another purge as you put things away!The NO IDEA box ---Tape it up and store it in an area for all boxes you mark NO IDEA.We will also revisit these items later.Tape the No IDEA boxes up and leave them alone/

Okay , Once you are all done with your 1st room , trash is gone , and the donated items are at Goodwill or given away it is time to drag out the KEEP boxes.This is everything you loved , was sentimental , or used daily/weekly! Grab your cleaning caddy we will clean as we go! Wipe out the drawers , cabinets , and items going back away.The dishwasher is your friend so wash any dusty items.Most things are top shelf safe , but check them first!

This is when you need your Ziplock bags! Store like small items from junk drawers and small items that get lost. Pens , extra silverware , office supplies , and all the teeny tiny items.Mark each Ziplock bag.Use rubber bands to hold playing cards together or maybe other items like utensils!

This is also when you see what you have 10 of and only need 1 or 2! Toss them in a box marked DONATE!

Okay at this point room #1 is all done and you are ready to move on to room 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , ect! We are still not touching the NO IDEA boxes. Leave them all taped up and no peeking!

Comment how many boxes , bags , items you have tossed in the trash and how many have been donated! Stick around Part 2 will be all about the NO IDEA boxes!!Then Part 3 will be organization! Part 2 is Over Here!

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  1. This is something I need to do. I have a room filled with junk that I need to get rid of. I'm such a hoarder lol

    1. Marielle , I think we all have that room or spot!

  2. I agree. ^^ I need to declutter also! Great post! Love your blog! :)

    1. Meaghan , Thank you. Please consider subscribing I think we may be able to network later. ;)


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