Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jackpot Candles Reveal/Review

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I want to start by saying Jackpot Candles has excellent customer service.My first candle arrived in a bit of a mess.It was broken despite being wrapped and packaged very well.I am sure this is part to blame on the time of year.After all this is the busiest post office time of year! This is my 1st candle:
I promptly contacted the company and received an email very quickly.They were very easy to work with on getting a new candle and apologized.The new candle went out super fast and arrived in perfect condition!

I was super excited to light the candle and find my prize , the necklace. Jackpot Candles allows you to pick a ring with size choice , earrings ,or a necklace.The jewelry has a small tag with a code that you type in the appraisal spot on their website to see the value. They come in a wide variety of scents to appeal to most anyone , mine was Vanilla Cupcake, and are soy based.They come with a lid so you can snuff out the candle.The lid will also keep dust out of the candle when not in use.

The candle had a very even burn and a nice pool.The throw was a bit weak on this scent , but on others the throw has been very nice.It had a nice light vanilla scent which was pleasant.I had the candle burning about 4 hours the first day and no sign of the prize.The lid worked great to snuff out the candle and no smoke/burn smell when it was out.The next day I had it burning about 6 hours and the foil from the prize was visible.

I used tweezers to pull out the foil package and inside was a tiny baggy holding the necklace.I gently used a paper towel to wipe off the wax and then let the wax remaining harden.Once it was cool I opened the bag and revealed my prize.

The necklace was very cute with crystals. I was a little disappointed in the necklace. Who doesn't want to find a real gemstone in these right? But it is really nice and would be a great gift for a tween/teen. Being a Mimi aka Grandmother I would love these from the grandkids. I also think they would make a great teacher, neighbor, or best friend gifts. The real prize is the anticipation . It was almost like being a child waiting for Santa!

Jackpot Candles are made in the USA ,soy based , hand poured candles!

****Disclaimer I received the Jackpot Candles candle for my review free. The opinion is my own and it is not a paid endorcement.****

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  1. I absolutely love these candles. Glad I got the opportunity to review for them.

    1. They are very nice soy candles and the prizes are a huge bonus!


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