Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Countdown Days 19 and 18 - Elf on the Shelf

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It seems everyone is talking about Elf on a Shelf.Do you have one?Do you love or hate him?I have been seeing post all over the internet many positive , but some not so much. It seems this little guy gets into trouble and isn't on his best behavior.He also makes a mess and it's suppose to be funny.Non supporters have even went out and started Kindness Elves.As grandparents we love them both.I think both can be fun and both can make Christmas memories!! What is left when the kids are grown and gone?You guessed it the memories of Christmas past and their youth.

The cons:

1.He is creepy.Let's face he may be scary for some kids!

2.He behaves badly at times.Do we want the kids to do the things we have "Elfie" does?

3.You have to remember to move him! I mean really life is hectic and the holidays are a zoo.Who wants to remember the elf at midnight?

4.You have to clean the mess he makes.Again life is busy and crazy enough!

5.He is a tattletale! Do we not teach children not to tattle?

The pros

1.The kids love them!

2.Watching the kids find him brings you joy!

3.Elf on the shelf CAN do kind things.Maybe he made breakfast!

4.When he acts bad and mom and dad love him anyway what does that teach the kids?Yes, mommy and daddy will love you even when you are in trouble!

5.Some children will behave better with an elf reporting to Santa.

There is no right or wrong.He can be as negative or positive as YOU make him .After all you are in charge of what he does or doesn't bring into your home!!

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  1. I love EONAS & I am no spring chicken, but I swear he did not exist until last year!

    1. This is my grandchildren's first year with their elf. I had no idea he existed until last year.

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