Saturday, November 26, 2016

Peter Pan Children's Hot Water Bottles with Plushie

When you are making your baby registry I bet you never thought to add a hot water bottle.Did you?There are so many reasons why you should.#1 These Peter Pan hot water bottles with plushie covers are just too adorable! You can pick a kitty or a puppy.I suggest both.The kitty is large and perfect to warm a bed.The puppy have arms and legs to cuddle when you don't feel well.

Uses for a child's hot water bottle:

  • To warm a crib or bed so they don't go down to sleep on cold sheets.(Always remove it before you place a small child in the crib/bed.)
  • Use to place on an ear when they have an earache.Or face for teething.
  • Use to soothe a yucky tummy.
  • Ice can be placed in it for when you have any kind of swelling.Or when it's super hot out.
  • Moms, you can use for cramps or headaches.
  • Moms, you can use it on an achy nursing breast.Warm to help with pumping or cold to soothe.
  • Add ice to fix boo boos like bruises and bumps.
  • Warmth for outdoor events like football or cookouts.
  • General comfort when you don't feel your best.
These are super adorable and they let the heat warm without being too hot.Just follow the manufacturer instructions for use.

*I received this set free to review and share with my readers.I do not make any money if you buy one.* 

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