Thursday, December 15, 2016

Little Cosmetics Play Makeup Sets

What little girl doesn't love to play dress up.My granddaughters love to fix Mimi's hair and do her make-up.She use to pull out the older makeup , but now they can have all the fun without the mess. Thanks to Little Cosmetics Fake Makeup They are fake so not the vaseline style makeup for kids these sets are totally pretend , but looks 100% like mom/grandma's!

This kit is so life-like that they love it.The brushes are soft and the makeup pallets have a slight texture or silky feel.The best part? They all fit in a cute little makeup bag so it fits in a small space.As a grandparent, having toys without your home looking like a toy store or taking hours to clean / dust is always a plus!

Great for an aunt's home too.Or for in the car!Have you ever been broke down with kids and waiting for someone to come save you?Then you know the importance of a small survival kit of snacks, water, and TOYS to save your sanity.Tou can find them here:
Gift Sets

Glitter Pods

Eye Shadow

Compacts and Contour Sets

A Little Bit of Everything

This is the perfect stocking stuffer / party favor so stock up.Remember they need one at Papa and Mimi's , one in the car, and one to take home! You will thank me later.

I received a sample to try and share with you.I do not make any money if you buy this toy.

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