Monday, July 4, 2016

O-Sip The Best Sippy Around

As a parent of teens and adults, my days of a cabinet full of sippy cups are over.We haven't had them in the cabinet in 8 or 9 years.Crazy since it seems like it was just yesterday we had them coming out of our ears.

This leads to a new problem.We now have grandchildren and while I am happy to have a few cups on hand I really do not remember where they are or remember to grab them when we run out someplace.This is why I was super excited totry the O-Sip Silicone lids! These are awesome.Seriously , I wish I had them years ago.They fit most cups.Who am I kidding they fit any cup that you would hand a toddler.They do not fit a Big Gulp. I know I know who would give one to a toddler.No one , but my oldest grandchild is 8 so old enough for a super size slush.It says it fits a cup  2.5-3.75 inches , but I stretched it to fit a bit bigger cup.

They stretch and stay put.I literally tossed it around to see.My grandson put it through some pretty crazy testing too.I keep one in a ziplock in the car now at all times and sometimes 2 or three.They are great when you go out to eat or for extra protection in the car.The flow is not intended for a baby since it is rather fast. My grandson is 4 and has choked slightly when drinking too fast from them. They are silicone so check often for cracks or tears since those can present a choking issue.

The kids love them and the price is great at around $15 for three lids.

Red, Blue , and Green Set.
Buy Them Here on Amazon.

I received these free to share with my readers.I do not make any money if you buy them.

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