Monday, May 30, 2016

Baby Tooshy Cloth Diaper Liners & Wipes

I recently tried the Baby Tooshy diaper liners (&wipes).They were strong and got the job done.Diaper duty is never fun , but these made the job easier.As a grandparent, I am always looking for things that are natural and healthy for the grandkids.These fit in with that and I was impressed by the quality.

The sheets are large so you could easily cut them and make 200 wipes.They are soft so no scratchy liner next to babies bum.They clean babies bum quick and easy with minimal mess.Isn't that what we all want when doing poopy diaper duty? Um, yes as a Papa I do not enjoy diaper duty.I want it done and over so we can laugh and play.

If you cloth diaper you have probably seen many diaper liners.The Baby Tooshy diaper liners and wipes are both liners or can be used as baby wipes.Sounds great right? They are made of bamboo and are natural.That means no fragrances or chemicals.This is really important for babies with allergies or sensitive skin.

These kept my cloth diapers from getting stains and added a small layer of protection to baby.I personally love them as wipes.They come in a roll of 100 and are perforated for easy use.
You can buy them here:
Baby Tooshy Cloth Diaper Liners and Wipes

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I received these free for my honest opinion.

Do you cloth diaper?

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