Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shikshook Cocktail Shaker

Have you made a mixed drink lately? Maybe a non-alcoholic version?This shaker makes it a snap and you can impress your guest with the pouring spouts.Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Limey Ape
2 jiggers of orange juice
1/2 a jigger of lime juice
1 splash of grenadine syrup
1 splash of lemon juice fresh
Shake and Serve

Cherry Coconut 
 2 jiggers Cream  
1/2 a jigger of Coconut Cream 
1 jigger Cherry juice
1 splash Grenadine Syrup  
1 jigger Apple Juice 
Shake and Serve

Banana Me

2 jiggers Coconut Milk 
1 jigger Cream 
2 jiggers Apple Juice 
1 jigger Banana Syrup 
1/2 Sliced Banana 
Crushed Ice
Shake and Serve

What are you mixing up this Summer?

Do you mix drinks? This shaker set includes a shaker,a double jigger,and 2 pouring spouts.It works great for non-alcoholic drinks!
 #shikshook buy it here: #gotitfree

I received this free for my honest review.

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