Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nursing Scarf by OnTheGoBaby

We have all seen the bulky and sometimes hideous nursing shawls and cover-ups. While covering up to breastfeed isn't always something women want to do there are times you may want to cover up.(Or maybe you don't). If you do there is a new cover up option.The OnTheGoBaby's breastfeeding infinity scarf.Yes, you heard me right a scarf.

These infinity scarfs are stylish and serve a purpose.They come in a few colors to compliment any outfit.The chevron pattern has been trendy lately and it is one of the options!

You can get your scarf here:
OnTheGoBaby Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

It covers baby well without a hot bulky blanket.The fabric is nice and looks great even after I have washed it several times.This is not your mom's nursing cover-up and it looks and feels great as an accessory.I have used it to cover a car seat and to wrap up baby on a windy day.It really is quite versatile.

I received this product free for review.I do not make any money if you buy this item.

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