Saturday, June 4, 2016

WisePalace Round Ice Molds and Coasters

Oh my, These round ice cubes are amazing! They are so fun to make.We made juice ice cubes and stuck a straw in the fill hole.Instant freeze pops.

They set up in just a few hours so toss them in in the morning and enjoy them by lunch.They are a bit tricky to figure out how much water to add.Start with just a hair over 1/2.I think it said 3/4 , but at 3/4 mine didn't come out as nice.

This ice cube mold comes with a cool rubber set of coasters for your drinks.No chipping and no breaking! They are light weight so the perfect fit for a party.Plus, if you have kids like my grandchildren the coasters make excellent "molds"  for playdough.

You can get yours here:
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I received this product free for my honest review.

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