Saturday, December 5, 2015

Distracted Drivers

I really had not planned this post just yet.However , I saw this amazing resource and had to share it. You see, this is a cause very near and dear to my family. Why you might ask? I lost my baby sister and nearly one of my nieces and one of my nephews to a distracted driver.My baby sister was doing what most of us do everyday! She was taking her children to school before heading off to work.She was in sight of the school and a man drove 100% on her side of the road.He hit her head on and she died instantly.Two of her five children seriously injured.This man was not drunk , he was not high , he was not on a cell phone.He was distracted and we may never know by what.Did he drop something and try to grab it? Did he decide to turn the radio?Did he spill his coffee? Or simply look out the window daydreaming? We will never know as he will never give us answers.He is alive and never gave answers or an apology.The questions burn deep within us all , but the answers he will take to the grave one day. Our lives were rocked to the very core when this happened.We have a sense of loss many don't know.My baby sister was loved by so many people.She was the bright spot in many peoples lives.She was her children's world.Hell, She was her children's friends world!She was the kind of mother , sister , daughter ,friend and even stranger this crazy ,scary world needs more of and she was ripped away too soon.Way, way too soon.Are you a distracted driver?Have you also lost a loved one to a distracted driver?.

Please sign up for these kits! Get the message out and talk to your children! The life saved may be someone very dear to you! Click on the school or fleet link to get your kits.100% FREE

And those who have lost someone due to texting a texting BAG IT kit.


  1. Yes this needs to be shared millions of times over and over

    1. Thank you so much! I hope that it will be shared , tweeted , and that people sign up and use the kits.Mainly I hope it stops millions of distracted drivers from ripping apart another family's hearts.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share. So many people need to read this!! I pray that by sharing this at least one life can be saved. I'm so sorry for your loss and praying for the whole family!


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