Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Fridge & Freezer Mission

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Okay,this week's mission is an easy one!We are tackling the fridge and freezer.If you have more than one then yes we are tackling all of them!

Are you ready? Great, let's get ready.You will need a trash can, rag, sink of hot soapy water , press and seal ,and a can-do attitude.This is going to be easy for some and not so easy for others.Have you seen press and seal at the store?It is a cling wrap , but heavier and it will act like shelf paper on your shelves so the next cleanup will be a breeze.You can use contact paper to "pretty up" the shelvesI have seen this on a few blogs and it is such a fun twist to a boring fridge.They even cover the plastic holders on the door.

Toss anything questionable or out of date.Write a list if it includes items you need to replace when you do your grocery shopping.If you are like me if you do not write it now you will forget.Take everything out of the fridge since we are deep cleaning the shelves , bottom under the drawers , and ever inch of the inside of our fridge!

Once you are all done place everything back neatly and take a break.After a quick drink and a stretch tackle the freezer.You can do this! Make sure everything is labeled and neat.If ou only have one you are all done so wash up any dishes from the fridge and freezer purge and your all done.If not start the dishwasher and start on your next fridge or freezer.

I know this is not glamourous and most people won't notice it so it doesn't feel like you did much to declutter.But I promise you it is a great first step.If you want to keep at it move on to the food pantry,cabinet,shelves and get them clean.Donate anything you won't eat and toss any old or questionable food.I know parting with food when someone is hunger is hard if you just can't part with it to the trash donate it.They will decide if it is okay or trash and you will have blessed them.Just assume that someone got a meal from it.

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