Saturday, June 25, 2016

Steaming Veggies

I am trying to eat healthier and that includes steaming veggies.I love steamed veggies and was excited to be asked to review the Laminas  Silicone Vegetable Steamer.

Steamer Tips-

- Toss with lemon and oil before steaming

- Add vinegar , sauces , or broth to the steaming water

- Lightly Sear veggies or fish before steaming

- Cut the stalks of your veggies for faster cook times

- Spread the veggies evenly in steamer basket

This silicone steamer is easy to use just place in the top of a sauce pan of water. The steam from the broth or water cooks the veggies.You can also steam fish and seafood.This is a great way to keep the minerals and vitamins in your food.

The Laminas Silicone Veggie Steamer is made of high quality silicone and made to last for years.It is dishwasher safe and is safe for up to 600 degrees.The silicone stays cool to the touch.Steam may remain on the steamer so I suggest an oven mitt or tea towel for kitchen safety.Please use a bowl or plate to sit the steamer on to prevent hot water from dripping on you or other surfaces.

I received this free to share with my readers.I do not receive any money if you purchase this steamer.

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